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19. That is the number of people now missing in what has been a terrible week for all families in town. Concerns rise as volunteers from all over are doing their best to track down those innocent missing souls. Morale is at it’s lowest, as it has now been revealed that one entire search and rescue squad has gone missing.

YOU are that search squad. You’ve followed all of the right leads and have fallen right into his trap. It’s become painfully clear why you haven’t found anyone… Because the kidnapper is a deranged cannibal! Stripped of your phones, you need to find a way to alert the authorities of your whereabouts, before Cannibal Collector returns for dinner, with you on the menu.

Travel back in time to the revolutionary war, where Charleston has fallen to a British siege. Facing overwhelming numbers, a band of patriots have a chance to even the odds in this infiltration! Join the Swamp Fox’s rag tag militia in their secret plan to infiltrate a British compound to destroy their munitions before time is up!


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